Think you need to know the bottom line, first?

Before you scroll down and rush to look at the numbers, take a moment to consider what your average customer is worth.  Do you even KNOW what a customer lifetime value is?  Have you ever calculated your customer lifetime value?

Life time value is worked out by multiplying the average dollar spend by number of times they come back in a year, then multiplied by number of years they continuing coming back.

Using that formula, here is just one example;

Average dollar spend: $25
Number of times a customer returns: 1/month (12/year)
Number of years a customer returns: 3
$25 x 12 x 3 = $900

So the lifetime value of this new customer is $900

What would you spend to gain a customer?

How about if it could gain you 40% more customers, then what is an online presence worth?  In our post Maine Small Businesses Don’t Need A Website!  we discussed the fact that according to a recent Google survey of small businesses in Maine;

…only 59% of them have a website or any online presence.

Now take that customer lifetime value you figured out above, and multiply that times 40% more customers.  Do the math, you as a Maine small business owner, CANNOT AFFORD to risk giving your competitors that advantage!

What’s the bottom-line already!

Starting at $750, our basic online presence is just that, basic.  Sometimes that’s all you need, a simple, basic website to get you up and running.  As part of the Basic package, you receive:

  1. Domain name of your choice for one year
  2. Hosting of your domain & website for one year
  3. 5 page or less website designed using a template you choose
  4. 5 email addresses or alias (forwards)

If you’re ready to grow your company, make more profit, and expand your potential, then we suggest our Standard package for $1250.  The Standard package includes all the following:

  1. Domain name of your choice for one year
  2. Hosting of your domain & website for one year
  3. 10 page or less website designed using a customized template you chose
  4. 10 email addresses or alias (forwards)
  5. Full Online Presence Management:
    1. FaceBook Fan Page
    2. Keyword marketing research, up to 5 keyword / phrase
    3. SEO / SEM optimization of your content
    4. Website page maintenance for one year
    5. eCommerce (PayPal integration)
    6. “Image” unification (you’re logo and company “look” replicated online & offline
    7. Google Places listing
What does all that mean?  It means we’ll work with you to create a fully customized solution for exposing your business as much as possible on the internet, get it noticed on social networks, and enhance your marketing efforts  in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

I need additional tech time!

No problem, we like to keep things simple;  $1.00 a minute plus travel time if applicable.  Need a customized support solution?  We’ll gladly quote you a maintenance contract price upon request!

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