Maine Small Businesses Don’t Need A Website!

“Google commissioned an independent study on small businesses and the internet this year, and its findings might surprise you.”

I have to compete against large CORPORATIONS

You’re probably thinking “I’m just a small “Mom & Pop” operation, how many customers could I really expect compared to all the big businesses in Maine?

“According to the Small Business Administration, more than 97% of Maine’s employers are small business owners.”

Well, if 97% of employers in Maine are small business owners, then the odds are extremely good that your competition is a small business too, right?  You’re probably not trying to create a completely new market that has no demand!  So you need to be able to reach more of your potential customers to inform them of the goods & services you have to offer, but where can you gain any real market share with your dollars?  Print? Radio? Television?  Maybe spread some dollars across all of them in the hopes of getting another percentage or two “in the door”?

I already have a great customer base

What if I told you, your business only has about 40% of it’s potential?  In other words, do you think your customer base would grow if you could reach almost 60% MORE of the market than your competitors?  Can you AFFORD to ignore that many potential customers?

“59% of small businesses in Maine do not have a website. And that’s about average for states around the country. Overall, according to Google, 58% of small businesses in the U.S. don’t have a website.”

Read that quote, again.  Seriously, think about that… if you don’t have a web presence, you are LOSING almost 60% of your customers!  That means if your competition has a website, and you don’t, they’re getting 40% more customers than you!

Having an online presence & website isn’t critical

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe recently asked Google to come to Maine and hold one of its small business seminars because she sees building Maine’s small business presence online as critical to the growth of the state’s economy.

“Sen. Snowe said, “Small businesses are, certainly, our economy. They’re our lifeblood, and our heart and soul. And so when you have so many businesses that do not have an online presence, not having websites, that is clearly putting them in a position of being less competitive.””

Can your business really afford being less competitive?  Do you have enough customers and business that you don’t need to worry about attracting more?  Can simply having an online presence REALLY reach enough people in Maine to make it cost effective?

“a study from Boston Consulting Group last year, found that small businesses with an online presence grew 40% faster than those that aren’t online.”

Creating an online presence is difficult, expensive, and time consuming

Not when you talk to us!  Contact Us today to get your online presence started before you lose more money!