What is BrainTriggers?

BrainTriggers was created around the concept of, what triggers your brain to do some-thing.  What is it that causes the human brain to force the body into action?  We’ve all heard of “flight or fight”, but what about the specific triggers that cause us to buy something based on input from our senses?  Is it because we like the color, or the wording on the package, or is more primal in that we like the thought of what the item we’re about to purchase can / will do for us?

A logical look at Maine small businesses

With a combined 50+ years of experience in electronics, computers, and the internet in general, the literal brains behind BrainTriggers, Chris & Joe, concluded there was a clear, distinct, need for a more sophisticated, specific online presence management company in Maine dedicated to serving only Maine small businesses.  WIth their combined experience, having literally been in the digital trenches since the beginning, and a deep, growing knowledge of the internet, it was obvious Maine small businesses could benefit from their skills and experience.  What was clearly needed in Maine was a small, family oriented company that understood the unique needs of Maine small businesses and could examine those needs logically and systematically, and be able to incorporate emerging technologies and methodologies the internet offered, into helping those businesses grow and expand.

Techno-bable translation

Most of Maine’s small businesses don’t speak “Geek-speeK’ or understand the “Techno-bable” of today’s modern internet, nor should they have to!  The owner of a landscaping & mowing company shouldn’t have to learn what Online Presence Management is while doing their work.  When a small plowing operation is clearing Maine’s infamous snow from a driveway, they’re probably not thinking about Search Engine Optimization or Social Media.  When a carpenter or handy-man is doing remodeling & renovations for a client, Website Design or creating a Blog most likely isn’t even a blip on the mind’s radar.  Nor should it be!

The right tool for the job

The old adage “The right tool for the job” is even more applicable today than ever before.  A carpenter doesn’t go to his plumber buddy to get his tooth extracted.  The landscaper doesn’t take his power equipment to the painter for repairs.  The plow guy doesn’t get his truck ready for the winter by going to his doctor.  Maine’s small business’ owners shouldn’t have to take their website design needs to someone that doesn’t specialize in it, or worse, spend countless, frustrating hours trying to learn how to do it on their own.  BrainTriggers IS the right tool for the job, specializing in the unique needs of Maine small businesses, so that the owner can focus on growing their business!

One size does not fit all

Just like when you buy clothes, one size doesn’t fit everyone.  As a Maine small business owner you may have considered using one of the many online tools for creating a website, and while many of them are easy and simple to use, how much time did you have to spend getting it the way you liked?  Is it REALLY the way you wanted it, or did you have to “squeeze into” their size?  How long did you bang your head against the wall trying to get that image or text just right?  How much time did it take you, through trial and error, until you either gave up in disgust, or convinced yourself it was “good enough for now”?  Now what?  Getting any hits from the website?  How’s the page rank going?  Are you even listed in the search engines?

BrainTriggers can help

With our extensive knowledge, experience, and skills, we can provide your business with website design, search engine optimization, Facebook Fan Page, social media connections, or a blog.  We provide the entire package to get your business on the internet in multiple ways, AND know how to make sure your website or webpage appears in the search engines, it gets the “Likes” and people talking about your business, and most importantly, we help you grow your business.  Online Presence Management, it’s what we do, and we’re damn good at it!  Let us help you grow your business so we ALL win!

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